Our services

Our services at Have Haven include Foster Care, Adoption, Support Services, Foster Parent Training, and Residential Treatment Services.

Foster Care

Have Haven seeks to provide a safe, loving, and nurturing home for children in foster care. We recruit, select, train, and license foster parents who we believe can provide the necessary care for foster children.

Adoption Services

Children whose parents have lost their parental rights are most frequently up for adoption. Have Haven fully facilitates the adoption process when a foster/adoptive parent decides they are ready to adopt a child.

Residential Treatment

It is a way of expressing feelings because it is a profound communication.  is to open the soul of the child to play, for good, the light.

Our Facilities

Our facilities continue to provide services that improve lives, support families and bring children to families.'

Be the sun to brighten someone's life

Be a child's gift

Be the haven for children in need

Foster and Adoptive families are always needed. Be One!!

I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am to you and the facility for working with Jack in helping him get through this difficult time in his life. I understand that mental health can be challenging; although you have worked with Jack, and helped him progress during his time in care. I am very appreciative to the job that you do, and the hard work you put into helping the children who have been through so much trauma, rejection, and lack of understanding regarding their mental health. You have worked diligently to ensure Jack’s safety, his behaviors have improved, and his mental health is taken care of on a regular basis. Thank you so much for all of the work you do!

Tammy M -

CVS Specialist |

Hi Wendy Just want to let you know I appreciate the dedication you have for our children that’s place in Have Haven. The communication with you has been tremendous. I enjoy that you do not give up on our tougher teenagers, but giving them chance, after chance, after chance . The team work at this placement is amazing and very rare. I visited my client in February and March and notice the placement was neat and always clean. I appreciate my client being in a safe and clean environment. I will recommend this RTC to any family or agency. I have been working for CPS for 3 years and have not seen a RTC that genuinely try to work with specialized behavior children especially teenagers. I know my client appreciate everything this placement has did for him. Thank you!!!!!!

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