About Have Haven Inc

Have Haven Inc., incorporated in 1999 as a non-profit 501 (3) © organization by a mother (Elizabeth Mesfin) and daughter (Rahel Selassie) team. Both came together and decided that they would apply their expertise in their respective fields and work with the population they set out to serve.

Elizabeth Mesfin continues to serve as the Executive Director overseeing the day to day operations of its three programs, namely, Adoption; Foster Care; and Residential Treatment.

Dr. Rahel Selassie had moved on to purse a more passionate endeavor in the medical field. However, she remains active in advocating, consulting and serving as the board secretary.


History Of Have Haven Inc

Helping people from all walks of life has always was been the desire of Elizabeth (Lily) Mesfin, the Chief Executive Director of Have Haven, Inc. Lily held a variety of jobs in the past that revolved around helping people. She worked with the special needs’ population for some time. She volunteered about three years helping refugees in Houston through the VISTA program. VISTA is like a Peace Corps volunteer but not working overseas.

At that time the United States was experiencing a large influx of refugees from Vietnam, Ethiopia, Laos and Cambodia, she took on the task of doing research that focused on the needs of the women from these countries. Excerpts of her research was printed in a book funded by the Hogg Foundation. Her research was used by refugee social service agencies for funding purposes. Prior to that she enjoyed working in the area of affirmative action in helping a multi-national corporation stay in compliance.

An eclectic of experience and knowledge is what prompted her to open Have Haven. Have Haven in the past 20 years have grown and served thousands of youth.

It pleases her to know that all through the ups and downs of the business, at the end of the day, she gets an opportunity to make a difference and knowing how some of the children have turned out as adults.

She is always grateful to those that believed in and encouraged her to pursue her passion. She is continuously appreciative of the support she receives from friends, families and staff members.


Have Haven is all about empowering children to be their best selves.

Brighten someone's life.

Be a child's gift

Share a happy place

Foster and Adoptive families needed. Be one!!!

Why Us

We are proud of the success and positive impact our program has made on the lives of the children we have served.

Testimonial 1

Just want to let you know I appreciate the dedication you have for our children that’s place in Have Haven. The communication with you has been tremendous. I enjoy that you do not give up on our tougher teenagers, but giving them chance, after chance, after chance . The team work at this placement is amazing and very rare. I visited my client in February and March and notice the placement was neat and always clean. I appreciate my client being in a safe and clean environment. I will recommend this RTC to any family or agency. I have been working for CPS for 3 years and have not seen a RTC that genuinely try to work with specialized behavior children especially teenagers. I know my client appreciate everything this placement has did for him. Thank you!!!!!!
Immanuel CVS Specialist
Thursday, April 18, 2019 3:10 PM

Testimonial 2

I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am to you and the facility for working with Jack in helping him get through this difficult time in his life. I understand that mental health can be challenging; although you have worked with Jack, and helped him progress during his time in care. I am very appreciative to the job that you do, and the hard work you put into helping the children who have been through so much trauma, rejection, and lack of understanding regarding their mental health. You have worked diligently to ensure Jack’s safety, his behaviors have improved, and his mental health is taken care of on a regular basis. Thank you so much for all of the work you do!
Tammy M
Wednesday, May 1, 2019 8:51 AM

Testimonial 3

I am so thankful for, Mrs.wendy and ms.T-0 Willams, and especially Mrs.lilly, for letting me stay here, with my horrible behavior, But what I did learn is there are rules everywhere you go. Ms. Antonio - I really appreciate your help and I know we did not really get along, but you did teach me who to pick and choose your battles with. Mr.Frank both - you are an awesome guy but don't play and will let us know that. So I will always remember you're tough to love. Ms dove- thank you for playing dominoes with me and letting me see your good site. Ms.Viyarah- thank you so much for your patience with me, so keep your head up and I will too. Mr. Ariel - I will mise you funny self, and you gave me good advice, so I will never forget you Mr. Brandon "Jordon " - keep doing the best and lessen your stress . to thank you for your caring heart. Mr. JJ - ight Mr. JJ - I am going to miss your positive personality.
Garin Journey Havehavens
Thursday, May 9, 2019 7:42 AM


At Have Haven, we have helped thousands of children over the years. We are proud of the success and positive impact our program has made on the lives of the children we have served. Children often maintain contact with our organization to inform us of their progress in life and share how appreciative they are for our help. For us, testimonies and stories such as these assure us that we are indeed making a positive impact in children’s lives.